03 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments

‘New’ old Series 1 Polo on display at AutoMuseum Volkswagen

We thought the AutoMuseum Volkswagen had enough ‘old timer’ Polos in its collection, but we’ve recently heard that another has joined the ranks. Michael Dreisbach’s immaculate Riad Yellow Series 1 Polo L has been installed in VW’s oldest car museum in Dieselstrasse, Wolfsburg (the AutoMuseum Volkswagen opened in 1985) on a temporary loan. The Polo made the 400km journey from Michael’s home under its own steam and without problems. Audi-50.de reports that there should be a news item on the latest acquisition soon on the AutoMuseum Volkswagen website. We’re hopping across to Wolfsburg in the next few weeks as part of a pan-German trip, so we’ll keep an eye out for the latest arrival when we visit.

[Source: Audi-50.de]

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13 August 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Series 1 Polo virtual
tuning renders by Littlepixel™

With an estate-like rear end with long rear windows, the Series 2 Polo from 1981 was never a pretty car like the Series 1 from 1975, at least not until the coupé came along two years later. But, what would the Series 1 Polo have looked like if Volkswagen had been Series 2 radical a decade earlier? Over on Flickr, Littlepixel™ has been designing what he calls ‘Photochop’ cars since 2001, and his range of ‘chops include four Series 1 Polo-related models; a rally-inspired Audi 50 quattro, an Audi 50 saloon (think rebadged Volkswagen Derby), and ‘breadvan’ and Dodge Charger-inspired Series 1 Polos. Modified from the original press shots, we think they’re neat, and a glimpse as to what could have been. Head over to Flickr to see both Littlepixel™’s profile and his ‘chops photostream.

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07 August 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Small cars, same big idea: Audi 50 and A1 brought together by Auto Bild

German car magazine Auto Bild has achieved the obvious and brought together the Audi 50 and A1 in its latest issue. We’re surprised that no-one has done it sooner. Comparing the two small cars with the same big idea is interesting to see, and the chaps at Auto Bild have tracked down an unbelievably immaculate Marino Yellow 50 for the meeting with its grandson. With its green interior, the 1974 Audi really is a time machine, and with that pretty, pretty body, the one that we’d pick from the two. Auto Bild’s UK sister title Auto Express has some photos from the comparison in issue 1,126 on sale now. Find the original Auto Bild test and photo gallery here (English translation on this link).

[Image: Auto Bild]

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22 July 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Series 1 Polos featured in the
‘Mk 1 Madness’ issue of Performance VW

Long-running UK modified Volkswagen magazine Performance VW features a pair of pristine Series 1 Polos in its ‘Mk 1 Madness’ August 2010 issue, on newsstands now. Part of Belgian pair Kevin Winnepenninckx and Luc Jani’s collection of Mk 1 Volkswagens, both the Miami Blue and Marino Yellow ‘70s cars are flawless and show, that with very few mods, how right the original Polo/Audi 50 styling was at the time and just how pretty those early cars are. As well as the pair of Polos, there is a smattering of Mk 1 Golfs (including a 500+bhp French fancy), a rapid Caddy and advice for giving your Mk 1 a big power performance transplant.

[Images: Performance VW]

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06 July 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Polo 1975-1981: Audi 50 paint colour
and trim combinations

One of the defining features of the 1970s was the vibrant colour palette which affected everything from fashion to home furnishings. The bright, flat colours also identified the cars in that decade, too, and the Audi 50 certainly joined in the eye-popping fun. It’s by no means a definitive list, but we’ve updated our Audi 50 ‘Heritage’ pages to document the shades in which the car could be ordered. There are trim combinations, too, and delving deeper, there are some peculiar (and not particularly tasteful) mixes as a result. Ozeanicblau/Cognac from 1976 is one such pairing; Bahamablaumetallic/Tabak from 1978 is another. Point your mouse here to find out how tasteful (or not) an Audi 50 could be.

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