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20 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Video: Fifth Gear tests the 2011 Polo GTI

At last, a positive verdict! Sorry, we had to give away the the result of this new Internet film, as for once, it was a thumbs up one. And what is said Internet film? UK motoring television show Fifth Gear tests the latest Polo GTI in its latest Web TV episode, and over a three-minute video, ‘Graham from the office’ takes the tiny tearaway to the roads of Wales to see if it has the legs on its in-house competition, the Škoda Fabia vRS and the SEAT Ibiza Cupra. Graham seems to genuinely like the performance Polo, and while he (and we) know it would lose a handling punch-up with a Renaultsport Clio 200, it’s pleasing to confirm that some of the new Polo GTI’s ‘softer’ qualities are, in the majority, benefits that the Clio doesn’t offer. Watch the film above to see Graham’s quick, but full verdict.

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08 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Performance-orientated Polo GTI makes a South African comeback

The firecracking GTI version of the fifth-generation Polo has been let loose on South African streets. The same as European and Australian versions, the latest performance Polo is powered by a 178bhp, 1.4-litre supercharged and turbocharged (‘twincharger’ in Volkswagen speak) engine, and scrabbles to 62mph in 6.9 seconds. Standard equipment includes a twin-clutch DSG gearbox with steering wheel paddles, 17-inch ‘Denver’ alloy wheels and a styling pack borrowed from the Golf GTI. Optional kit includes a panoramic sunroof (now sadly deleted from the UK options list). Prices of the four-door new Polo GTI start at R259,000. For more information, visit the Volkswagen South Africa website. The full Volkswagen South Africa press release and photo gallery follows.

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01 April 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Readers’ Drives: Anthony and Shara Ket’s 132kW Polo GTI

Anthony Ket, a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, took these stunning sunset shots of his wife Shara’s new 2011 Polo GTI. He takes up the story of how a hotshot Polo ended up on the Ket driveway: ‘Shara has never actually owned a new car before, having always borrowed her parents car for 12 years! One night she was flipping through my many car magazines and noticed the specs on the VW Polo GTI, and instantly said, “I want this car.” 1.4-litres, twincharged, 132kw, five doors, DSG and more importantly, a base price of AUS$28,990! The hardest part was finding one, as in Australia at the moment supply is so limited that there is a 8-12 month waiting list for a vehicle to be produced and then delivered! (It’s exactly the same quotes elsewhere, especially in the UK, Anthony – PD.)

‘This wasn’t good news as Shara needed a new car quite urgently, and we were given the runaround with many Volkswagen dealers listing a Polo GTI for sale but after having contacted them and being told that they only had one demonstrator and none actually for sale, we were bitterly disappointed. Luckily, after trawling through the many fake online car adverts, we found our Flash Red Polo GTI located three hours drive away. We called the dealer, made sure it was definitely for sale and then took off the next morning on a six-hour return trip to secure the purchase. Next you know we have a shiny new VW Polo GTI siting in the driveway!’. And now you’ve got a fantastic set of pictures to go with it, Anthony.

[Images: Anthony Ket –]

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21 February 2011 ~ 1 Comment

March 2011 issue of Volkswagen Driver puts the Polo GTI through its paces

UK specialist VW title Volkswagen Driver puts the 2011 Polo GTI through its paces in its latest issue. The first time the performance Polo has been thoroughly tested by the VW press, Volkswagen Driver was more than a little impressed. Editor Neil Birkitt sent us a head-up email in January and said of the test, ‘The latest Polo GTI combines twincharged technology and 7-speed DSG gearbox to produce superb performance and excellent economy, combined with sharp handling, comfort and everyday practicality.’ Praising the 178bhp 1.4 TSI GTI, Birkitt continued, ‘We doubt that even the best of drivers could put much distance between the Polo GTi and the larger Golf GTI on a race track, let alone an open road… The Polo GTI is all the car you could want, and more.’ The March 2011 issue of Volkswagen Driver is on sale now and also includes a first driver of the new Series 6 Jetta for Europe, motorsport reports, and a model profile on the Series 5 Jetta.

[Images: Volkswagen Driver/Neil Birkitt]

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03 February 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Auto Express tests Polo GTI against Citroën DS3 DSport and Škoda Fabia vRS

Another day, another Polo GTI group test. The recently-introduced Volkswagen UK press fleet Polo GTIs really are seeing a lot of action at the moment. Following the recent evo magazine hot hatch group test, the new issue of the UK’s Auto Express pits the latest Polo GTI against rivals from Citroën and Škoda. In our opinion, the £19,410 178bhp Polo GTI certainly looks the part when compared to the £16,300 DS3 DSport and £16,260 Fabia vRS, but which car gives the best hot hatchback-like driving experience? While the DS3 DSport is down on power by 30bhp when compared to the Polo and its in-house rival Fabia – which use the same 1.4-litre TSI engine – does it put its typically French driving characteristics to good use? Buy a copy of Auto Express Issue 1151 to find out.

[Image: Auto Express/Otis Clay]

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